Cat Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten Wand Toy


Cat Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten Wand Toy


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Cat Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten Wand Toy😺



  • Multi-Functional Indoor Interactive Cat Toy – This toy combines various entertaining elements, greatly capturing the interest of cats for play. It features a wobble design, high-bounce teaser wand, swings to dispense food, glowing ball, and rotating functions, providing multiple ways for cats to enjoy.
  • Never Knocked over Wobble Toy for Cats –The toy features a wobble design, ensuring it cannot be knocked over by cats. At the top of the toy, there is a teasing wand with a plastic ball and ribbons attached to it. Cats can engage with the toy by touching the teaser wand or the plastic ball, causing the toy to swing and sway rapidly. This design stimulates a cat’s natural hunting instincts, enhancing their entertainment interest.
  • Highly Elastic Teaser Wand Design – This teaser wand boasts exceptional toughness and elasticity, making it impervious to damage or breakage by cats. The base of the teaser wand is connected to the toy through a spring, enabling more significant swings and delivering the same playful effect as traditional teaser wands. This allows cats to amuse themselves, freeing the pet owner’s hands.
  • Slow Feeding Distribution and Weight Loss Function – You can directly place cat food in the main body of the toy. As the cat gently shakes the toy, it will be rewarded with food, adding fun to the toy. By playing with this toy, the cat can consume a lot of excess energy and calories, preventing excessive obesity and maintaining its health. Even overweight cats can achieve weight loss by playing with this toy.
  • Safe Materials and Design –The toy’s body is made from food-grade ABS without any Bisphenol A, PVC, or phthalates. It is enduring and sturdy. The product’s surface features the rounded design, eliminating concerns about your cat getting scratched while using the toy. Both the raw materials and the product are extremely safe, so you can confidently allow your cat to use it.

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1* Cat Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten Wand Toy

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