Cat Grooming Massage Mitts Gloves


Cat Grooming Massage Mitts Gloves


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  • Effortlessly groom your beloved cat and tackle furniture hair with one genius design! This 2-in-1 silicone cat grooming glove is your cat’s new favorite pampering tool and your furniture’s ultimate protector! Crafted with love and designed for efficiency, this is a must-have for every cat owner and pet lover!

  • Multi-functional Design: While you brush your pet, the wavy texture of these pet grooming gloves gently massages their skin and coat. Additionally, they effectively clean the pet’s body of impurities and floating hair, leaving it clean and shiny.

  • Double-sided: Whether your pet likes to be brushed on the left or right side, our pet grooming gloves can accommodate them. With silicone bristles on both sides, you can easily switch and adjust them to suit your pet’s needs and comfort.
  • Well Made: Made of durable and not-easy-to deform silicone material, these gloves are soft and comfortable for both you and your pet. They can be washed and reused without hurting your pet’s fur.


  • Space-saving Design: With a lanyard design, these gloves can be hung on the wall or anywhere else you prefer, so you can find them when you need to groom your pet.
  • Easy Usage: It’s no hassle to wear these pet grooming gloves; they adjust to any hand size. Just wash them with water and let them air-dry. Your pets will love the gentle brushing and massage.
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